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Eshitdingmi? A 30-second comedy commercial increased mobile app installations by 39%.

To stand out from ad overload, the goal was to devise a unique idea and format for the Paynet app. This aimed to grab attention, generate interest in its features, and drive app installations.


A little bit of context

Paynet, a trusted brand with 18 years in the payment industry, has more offline outlets in Uzbekistan than all banks combined. Explore Paynet's 2023 transformation, including brand redesign and mobile app update. To differentiate the Paynet app in a crowded market, we aimed to create a unique concept and design to capture attention, generate interest, and drive app installations amidst fierce competition and advertising saturation.

Smart, genuine humor about the impact of rumors

We shot a 30-second comedy video about rumors circulating in the Republic regarding the new Paynet mobile app, piquing curiosity due to its deep cultural integration. This followed weeks of concept development and research. Through four mini-stories, characters discover the app's benefits with humor and irony. Each scene presents a distinct humorous twist, building on the concept of escalating stories to enhance genre-specific elements in the filming process.

About contrasts

The video contrasts acting, music, shooting speed, and editing. It plays with dynamics, emotions, and fast scene transitions. Actors in each scene show opposing emotions with active sound design. Scenes range from a traditional birthday party to a food truck, reflecting the theme of contrast.

Installation and speed

Our 30-second video focuses on dynamics and accuracy, avoiding unnecessary details. It features speed contrast, fast camera rotations, bright natural colors, and a soundtrack that transitions from minimal to dynamic, enhancing storytelling and rhythm control.

Captivating the entire frame

Our characters and their emotions form the foundation of the frame. Charisma, texture, and the ability to captivate the entire frame to maintain focus on ourselves were our primary concerns.

Scene descriptions. Friends at the park and birthday

It's a hot summer day. The asphalt is melting. Two friends stand under the food truck's visor. One friend whispers something like a rumor, evoking strong emotions on the main character's face. The interviewee is unaware of his friend's actions. He glances at the camera, then at his shirt, which mirrors the main character's smile. Everyone at the table listens intently. The adults turn to the camera in unison, exclaiming "What?!" before grandpa sneezes, accidentally blowing out the birthday boy's candles.

Construction and bazaar

The worker tugs the rope as his partners lunch. The camera nears the hero, distracting him, causing the closet to fall and break. His partners continue eating. A POV drone films the Tashkent market uniquely. People gather to listen. All eyes on the saleswoman. Rumors spread in Uzbekistan.


The coordinated strategy involving federal TV channels, owned media, social networks, bloggers, and Telegram groups has reached 19 million people and boosted mobile app installations by 39%.


The project included a creative team: Abdugafur Aliev, Anastasia D., Anastasia Lee, Alisher S., Denmark Kiyaeva, Alex N., Valentine B., Davud Aliev, Victor Shulsky, and Andrew Popov. The film crew comprised production director Andrew Mayka, executive producer Artem Lim, assistant executive producer Milena Yun, second director Iulia Polyak-Braginskaya, Movi operator Ilya Vdovenko, gaffer Ikhlos Yusupov, drone operator Khasan Alijonov, location manager Timur Sagigov, administrator Atabek Kuttibayev, focus puller Otabek Yoldoshbekov, production designers Mia Mubinova, Anna Lee, Alexey Kozlov, set builders Askhat Aidarkhanov, Adylkhan Kuttibayev, Ilesov Zhakhongir, Farrukh Boymatov, Sardor Kurbanov, Daulet Zhaksybekov; service managers Mikael Mkhitaryan, Yusuf-Sergey Arslan, set recording Rashid Obidov, Feruz Isabayev; backstage Emil Bashirov, set editor Muslim Nasulloev, makeup artist Zilola Kokhorova, costume designer Yulia Kim, stuntman Rustam Gilyazitdinov, casting Aneta Argandevols, Malika Sultanova, edited by Diltanova Chorukov, and sound engineers Donier Abdulakhanov, Evgeny Diripaskin, Dmitry Nakhim.

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