Design thatguide and explain

The design continues the content, being an integral part of the overall puzzle. The design is geared towards bringing pleasure and convenience to those who use it.

Design creates culture.
Culture forms values.
The appearance of a product is tactile and tangible. It is the combination of complex components into simple and elegant interfaces that connect technology and the people.
Humans are designers. Whatever you do is design: choosing what color pillow to buy in IKEA or selecting a shirt for a meeting. There is no need to draw illustrations in order to grade their grace. Design’s purpose is to please and comfort whoever uses it. Beautiful design isn’t always convenient, and convenient — isn’t always pretty. True beauty is created when the two are merged together and the best is taken from both worlds. Something that will be used over and over.
Appearance separates itself from the mass of identical brands. Designs of posts that will be read. Designs of ads that will be clicked. Designs of products that will be bought. Behind the beauty and simplicity is the backstage of scrupulous coloristic, typography, and ideas that make up the big picture.
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