Full-Stack Designer (Senior/Lead), 5x10

Seeking a full-stack designer for creative concepts, brand materials, graphics, and product work. If you have experience, a constant drive for exploration, and an ambition to reach new heights, we might be on the same path.
Creative Director, 5x10
Creative Director, 5x10

Our studio specializes in propelling the growth of tech companies and startups throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. We delve deeply into product development, market analysis, and user engagement to identify growth opportunities and ensure optimal product-market alignment. Our expertise covers branding, marketing design, and all-encompassing communications strategies. We focus on creating distinctive products and mobile apps.

What we'll do together:

  • Collaborate on crafting compelling creative concepts, designing brand graphics, producing print materials across varying formats, compiling presentations
  • Take the lead on projects, working in tandem with diverse teams, steering the entire production process from initial stakeholder discussions to the final defense and delivery.
  • Engage intimately with product design and marketing to brainstorm hypotheses, bring them to life visually, and rigorously test them.

What you gain:

  • A key role in shaping strategy, conducting research, and developing leading-edge products.
  • The flexibility of fully remote work, complemented by occasional meetups in Moscow, alongside days off and performance bonuses.
  • A competitive salary, open for discussion upon our first meeting, in an environmentally friendly and collaboratively supportive work culture, free from the constraints of bureaucracy and ready to solve big challenges.

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